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Teacher Education  - international periodical scientific peer reviewed journal 


published in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages. 

Periodicity - The journal is being published since 2002 twice per year (in June and November)


The journal belongs to social sciences and represents the field of education studies. It is
  orientated to the tradition of theoretical and empirical researches on pedeutology, which
  is an interfiled area of social-humanitarian sciences, exploring becoming processes of
  teachers as mediators between education and upbringing (in the broad sense), of culture of
  the society, of experience of a man and people’s groups. The journal aims to engage
   researchersof the pedeutology area, develop their methodological competencies and

 competence, which is obligatory for researchers of this new area.

Topics of publications encompass areas of education and upbringing that are significant for 

  teachers: problems of political-structural shifts in the system of education;   methodology of    
  theoretical and empirical researches into social-cultural phenomena; problems of instruments    Address
  of research; analysis and dissemination of events significant to the science of education  
  studies and educational practice.   Siauliai University, Faculty of Education
    Scientific centre of research ion Education
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